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ZENA natural peel is made from first quality algae from the lakes of Ukraine.  The seaweed powder contains natural micro needles which will act on the epidermis and stimulate collagen production, accelerating cellular renewal. The superficial blood circulation and the protective properties of the skin are improved.

Algae Peel utilizes cutting-edge technology and unique properties of bioactive compounds naturally produced by specific marine algae (seaweed crystals) that penetrate and dissolve the epidermal layer of the skin, which reduces acne inflammation and reduces oil production. The facts seaweed contains tiny spicules crystal that penetrates the skin, dissolving the upper layer of the skin, whitening it, reducing acne and lightening dark spots.


The Effects of the seaweed crystal remain inside your epidermal layer for 24-48 hours before dissolving. During that time, your skin will experience a mild redness. The first few days after treatment, you will experience some dryness in the treated area. Subsequently, it will peel for 3-5
days.  The seaweed crystal is stimulating the existing collagen and new epidermal cells are developing.
After the healing process, new, rejuvenated skin will be revealed!


  • Increased cell renewal 

  • Intense exfoliation 

  • Reduction and elimination of hyperpigmentation controlled melasma & sun spots - Mechanical and enzymatic effect 

  • Tightens pores, reduces acne & fights sebum production 

  • Boosts skin radiance, unifies & mattifies the complexion 

  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes 

  • Improves sun damaged skin by reducing wrinkles 

  • Improves the appearance of sagging skin 

  • Reduction in the appearance of stretch marks 

  • Improves blood circulation 

  • Smoothes the skin 

  • Reduction of the appearance of atrophic scars


Who can not get an Algae Peel:  Must read before booking

  • Wounded skin

  • Open wounds

  • Skin lesions scratches

  • Problem with scarring

  • Rosacea dermatitis

  • Acute infectious dermatological disease.

  • Herpes

  • Eczema psoriasis

  • Botox or injections done less than 3 weeks ago

  • Peeling done in less than 3 weeks

  • Suspend acids and retinoids 3 weeks before the peel

  • Microneedling session minimum 4 weeks prior

  • Laser minimum 6 weeks

  • Any skin conditions

  • Shellfish allergy, Iodine allergy

Is the treatment painful?

During the treatment, the tiny spicules will begin to penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and improve your skin cells. This part of the treatment is not painful however there will be the sensations of prickling, heat increase and reddening. This is very normal and part of the treatment process. Immediately post treatment, the area may feel quite sensitive to touch, however, this will subside.

It is important to note over the first few days post treatment, you may also experience some mild redness, dryness and sensitivity on the treated area.

Am I going to peel after?

Yes, this is a peel treatment.  In most cases, the peeling of the treated area will begin after 72 hours. The peeling should last until the 7th day depending on the individual and the aftercare regime. The usual peel time is 3-5 days. DO NOT pick, scratch or pull at the flaking skin as this may lead to scarring and further damage to the skin. This will naturally peel as you complete a cleanse.

When will I see results?

In most cases, on day 7 your skin will be fully healed and recovered. Some individuals may see results and stop peeling up to day 10 but no longer. After the healing process, new and rejuvenated skin will be visible.​

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required for each person will vary due to their skin type and treatment concerns. For the best results, it is recommended to complete 3-4 treatments, however in some cases, less sessions may be sufficient. Follow up treatments will need to be completed between 4-5 weeks after the initial session. Number of sessions will be discussed in the consultation.

Prices are based on the area

A treatment plan can be designed and prices may be packaged accordingly to the plan.

If a treatment plan is required, please advise this during your consultation.

  • Full Face $185

  • Neck $90

  • Face & Neck$210

  • Back $250

  • Glutes$150.

  • Armpit$120

  • Bikini $120

  • Inner Thigh$120

  • Stomach$100

  • Chest$150

  • Other Areas TBD

Zena algae peel
dead skin is shedding

Day 2 night after washing face


Day 2


Day 3


Day 7

No edited, No filter


After 2 peels


Yes, it is painful and uncomfortable for 24 hours but it is so worth it! 


This is a medium peel, you will peel and you will also see new skin!  I will also do it again.

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