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Wax Me Tender

Waxing & Tinting & Lifting

(Intimate area facial)


Brazilian wax   $65
($50 if booked within 6 weeks for maintenance )
Bikini wax  $30
Full legs wax   $60
Half legs wax   $30
Full arms wax   $35
Half arms wax  $20
Underarms wax   $15
Brows wax   $15
Lips wax $10
Brows, lips and chin wax   $30
Full back wax   $60

Lash tint   $25
Brow tint  $20

Brow wax & tint &35
Brow (waxing & tinting) & lash tint   $45

Lash lift & tint $100

Brow (waxing & tinting) & lash (lift & tint) $ 120

Vajacial Services $90 (1 hr)

Treat yourself to a vajacial, a specialized facial for your intimate area. A vajacial includes a full Brazilian wax, followed by a gentle extraction of ingrown hairs, a high-frequency treatment to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, and a soothing jelly mask to hydrate and brighten your skin. A vajacial can help you prevent acne, smooth bumps, and improve the texture and appearance of your intimate area. Book your vajacial today and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and confident intimate skin.

Peachy facial $80 (45 mins)

Indulge in our Peachy Facial, specially designed to target breakouts on your butt cheeks. This luxurious treatment includes a thorough cleansing, gentle chemical peel, and extraction with high frequency to leave your skin looking and feeling its best. Finish with a refreshing jelly mask for the ultimate spa experience. 

What is lash lifts?  Check out this video!

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